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Mcfly Milton Keynes Signing 27th October 2006

My sisters Bf drove to the the centre and I joined the Qeue.I was the 635th person to ger a wristband *Is proud* Walked around for a bit and found my mates Amy and Sam in a jwelary shop Sam had loads os cash and spent it lol.Around Lucnhtime ish we went to Krispy Kremes *Licks Lips* After that we walked about to see where mcfly were going to come in from couldn't find it do we wennt back to HMV and qued up again outside for over 3 hours until we were allowed in.Anyway we got in the shop and it was nice and warm then sometime after half past 4 they showed up and it went crazy.We got to the table got our posters signed and left.

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