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why are sundays so shit I mean
get up
do nothing
have lunch
play on ps2
sleep for a bit
do nothing
goto bed

coming online is the one thing that keeps me normal really it does.

anyway I think my cousin is staying with us this week she's going through that phase where she doesn't want to do anything with her family whatsoever.Her dad thinks she should never have stayed at our nana house if she was going to be out all night doing god knows what.

I am off to see mcfly at wembely next month I have been to the other 2 tours they have done and they were amamzing, and they have a new album out too.I heard that the click 5 are supporting them I wonder what they are like I could try and meet them he he!

oh yeah this is my profile pic but I met Tom, he is my hero and a lovely dude

bye for now
x x x x x
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