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yesterday was really boring,I had to go back down the jobcentre because I got my dates screwed up and had to reapply for jobseekers allowence but I am back on there now it didn't take that long because everythingwas the same as it was before.

I should get some money in time for mcfly's tour which I still cannot wait for I'll be going home tired again well you do at mcfly shows last tour I was almost falling asleep on the train on the way home.

oh my life get this right there is this guy across the road from our house trying to put a skip on top of another skip and he lost t and rubbish from ther skip he was trying to put on fell out he's done it twice and now he's called somebody else in to help him because he's screwed up so much hillarious

this is just pure class

Sainsbury's flavoured condoms ~ making life taste better

Tesco's condoms ~ every little helps

Nike condoms ~ just do it

Peugeot condoms ~ the ride of your life

New galaxy textured condoms ~ why have rubber when you can have silk?

KFC condoms ~ they're finger licking good

Safeway's condoms ~ lightening the load

Abbey National condoms ~ because life is complicated enough

Coca-cola condoms ~ the real thing

Duracell condoms ~ you can just keep going and going

Pringles condoms ~ once u pop u cant stop

Burger King ~ home off the whopper

Flash condoms ~ just sit back relax and let Flash do all the hard work, so you dont have to

Halfords condoms ~ we go the extra mile

Royal mail condoms ~ i saw this and thought of us

Andrex condoms ~ soft strong and very long

Renault condoms ~ size really does matter!

Ronseal condoms ~ does exactly what it says on the packet

Domestos condoms ~ gets rite under the rim!!

Carlsberg condoms ~ probably the best condom in the world

AA condoms ~ you always have AA friend

Pepperami condoms ~ its a bit of an animal

Polo condoms ~ the condom with the hole (very poor seller)

Halifax condoms ~ who gives you extra?

charmin condoms ~ break the habbit (and use protection)

Tellietubbie condoms ~ again again!!!

Cadburys condoms ~ give into your happiness

Kumala condoms ~ perfect together

Red Bull condoms ~ gives u wings

Cadburys creme egg flavoured condoms ~ how do u eat yours?

Sure crystal condoms ~ unbeatable against white marks

UGC cinema condoms ~ coming soon

Lynx condoms ~ because you never know when

Treseme condoms ~ used by professionals

Gillete condoms ~ the best a man can get

chat more soon

x x x
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