cat_loves_mcfly (cat_loves_mcfly) wrote,


and I am so not excited I go on this forum and all these random fucks who don't even like the band who the forum is about are posting shit on there,I mean that is my job fucking theifs!!!!

I made this film sometime ago and I am just going to see if I can post the html code on here

hopefully it'll work *crosses fingers*

anyway BB tonight that is going to be good I wonder what is going to happen to Glyn after he went roof walking.
I went down my nans today not alot was going on really I did go up my best mates house but she had gone to hospital (what if she's pregnant!?)


I am off to see McFly in spetember (Wembely Saturday 23rd) I cannot wait good times all around :)

I'll talk more soon
x x x x
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